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Many companies face a critical shortage of future business leaders and need to develop a strong leadership pipeline to meet the ever-increasing demands of their business. In a typical large company, 25% of the entire management ranks change every year. It takes an average of about six months for new leaders to make a net contribution to their new organizations. Getting off to a good start in a new position is critical to future success. The actions new leaders take during the first few months can have a significant impact on their success or failure. Given the constant turnover of leadership, organizations need to develop a process for preparing newly appointed leaders to lead their businesses.

Our approach accelerates the transition of new leaders, reducing the time needed to improve business results and preventing common mistakes that can damage careers and harm businesses. Our services demonstrate proven significant, positive economic impact to organizations which minimizes the negative impact of failed transitions to include poor financial results, turnover, and negative employee morale and decreased customer satisfaction.

Leadership Transition Services:

The actions new leaders take during the first few months can have a significant impact on their success or failure. Getting off to a good start in a new position is critical to future success. Most newly appointed leaders do not get much guidance on how to take charge in their new roles, and many companies leave these critical leaders to "sink or swim." Failure at an executive level has a ripple effect that can cause a weakness in the leadership pipeline.

Transitions are pivotal times because everyone is expecting change to occur when a new leader takes over. These are periods of vulnerability for new leaders because they lack established working relationships and detailed knowledge of their new role. Leaders who fail to build momentum during their transitions face a daunting challenge from the beginning.

Applied Research applies cutting edge practical research and experience with leading companies in designing and delivering leadership transition services. We are the first consulting company to provide a focused and systematic model that delivers proven return on investment to organizations.

Our leadership transition services include transition coaching, consultation and seminars.

Transition Coaching:
  • Using a proven roadmap for success in transitions, our coaches work one-on-one with newly appointed leaders to help accelerate their transition and focus them on results
  • Provides a demonstrated process which helps newly appointed leaders focus on key priorities, establish credibility, and reduce the time it takes a new leader to make a contribution to the business
  • Jump-starts the "just-in-time" process by providing a common language and an integrated and systematic approach to transition leadership
  • Our experienced coaches help leaders to avoid common traps and develop and execute a results-oriented transition plan
  • Transition coaching is delivered face-to-face and by telephone and e-mail
On-Boarding Consultation:
  • Our experienced staff of transition experts work with companies to design, institutionalize, and evaluate the economic impact of a leadership transition process that prepares leaders to take on significant business responsibility
  • We help to collect data, design processes, build support and conduct an impact study which will demonstrate significant return on investment
  • We offer customized in-company and public seminars designed to help newly appointed leaders plan and execute a successful transition
  • In-company seminars are an impactful and cost effective approach . Based on our extensive experience and proven practical research, we work with organizations to design and deliver a customized seminar to meet their focused needs
  • For smaller companies that might not have the resources to support in-company programs, we offer membership in a consortium to help new leaders significantly accelerate their transitions
By working with Applied Research, you will receive:
  • A proven and applied approach developed over 5 years of practical experience which demonstrates significant return on investment and positive impact to your organization
  • Programs based on rigorous research with leading companies which result in an approach that works
  • Coaches with significant experience working with a variety of companies and deep expertise in transition coaching
  • Business partners who truly partner with clients
  • Customized services and case studies which actually mirror your organization's business, markets and culture
Let Applied Research Corporation help you create productive and positive leadership transitions.


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