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At Applied Research Corporation, we understand your business challenges. We're the firm to turn to when you have questions like:

"Our plans call for 12% growth. We need to deepen our leadership pipeline and pull in some key executive hires. How can we accelerate their transition into the company?"

"We have a manager who has been successful running the engineering organization. Now he is stepping into a general management slot. We need to get him up to speed fast. How can you accelerate his transition?"

"We have two high-potentials who are ready to move but still need to prove they can lead outside their home country. How can we help them hit the ground running in a new culture and business environment?"

"Three of our regional sales managers are superstars and on the fast track to transition into vice president roles. How do we ensure their success in these positions?"

"We have 25 internal candidates for a critical executive position. Can you help us narrow the field?"

"Something is wrong with one of our key engineering teams but we don't know exactly what. Productivity is off and we're receiving negative feedback from other departments. Is there a way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team's management?"

Coaching and developing managers is a consistent weakness for our GM's. How can we strengthen their skills in coaching the managers who work for them to develop their staffs?

Applied Research knows that qualified leaders are in high demand, regardless of economic challenges. The cost of not having a ready pipeline of leadership talent can be a barrier to company growth.

Selecting Leaders:

From senior executives to supervisors to key professionals - while search firms and corporate recruiters will give you a plethora of candidates who meet the job requisition specifications, it's Applied Research's assessment and talent management programs that will help you select the right candidates who will thrive in and contribute to your organization plus have the leadership style and skills needed to handle the demands of the specific job and beyond.

We also have selection guides and interview systems to help you interview candidates more effectively and improve the selection process.

Developing Leaders:

Today's pace of change is lightening-quick. It requires that leaders at all levels are continually adapting, gaining new knowledge and developing their management skills. Managing the impact of competitive threats and changing market conditions means you need to identify talent, develop its potential and inspire others to raise the bar on their performance.

Applied Research's coaching programs work with your managers and executives to identify and leverage their strengths, assess their vulnerabilities. We work with them to create and execute tailored, practical plans to accelerate their job readiness and productivity. Our transition coaching helps new leaders accelerate their transitions and prevents mistakes that damage career and businesses by providing an integrated and systematic approach to leadership transitions.

Applied Research's development planning workshop - known as PLAN - is a highly engaging, interactive experience that is tailored for several organizational levels. It teaches managers to create development plans targeted to improving the critical success factors required for them to effectively reach their performance management objectives.

Building Effective Talent Management Systems:

The goal of a performance management system is to drive business results, whether that is market share growth, reduced costs or creating efficiencies, and to increase sales. Applied Research Corporation delivers a full-suite of talent management solutions to help you create a performance-based workplace. Our services include:

  • 360-degree feedback
  • Online Assessment & Feedback
  • Succession Planning
  • Selection Processes
  • Interview Guides
  • Success Profiles and Competency Models
  • Leadership Development

Turn to Applied Research Corporation whenever you're seeking to resolve complex human resource management issues.

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