Applied Research Corporation's coaching programs have been designed for two critical situations: transition leadership and personal development as a leader. In both cases, our consultative, educational processes help managers navigate obstacles and make changes quickly to reduce the risk of executive failure. Our coaching team consists of some of the world's leading executive coaching experts and, with our help, our clients ensure a razor-sharp competitive edge with demonstrable cost savings.

Transition Coaching The First 120 Daystm

Mistakes made by a manager during the first six months of a new assignment can also have a negative long-term impact on an organization. Instead of the anticipated productivity gains of a management change, the business might experience poor financial results, decreased employee morale and costly turnovers. If transitioning leaders use the right success strategies, they will not only prevent failure, but will also create critical gains for the organization by accelerating their effectiveness and help organizations to retain valued executives. The transition-coaching model used by Applied Research Corporation makes sure that these mistakes are avoided.

Our coaches help leaders assess their vulnerabilities in their new role, and support them in creating and implementing a well thought-out transition plan. Our transition coaching programs have a positive impact on return on investment. In fact, a recent study designed to evaluate the impact of transition programs, including our transition coaching, reported the overall impact to be $88 million. This translated into a total return on investment of 1400%.

The Applied Research transition-coaching model teaches leaders skills to accelerate their transitions, which results in a faster contribution to business results. We act as a sounding board for executives while driving positive actions. In working with us, executives learn the importance of making informed decisions quickly and how to understand a new culture, corporate politics and "the players" that will touch their new role.

By dramatically reducing the risk of executive failure, we accelerate that person's readiness to handle tough and demanding assignments and contribute to the bottom line of the business.

Executive Coaching

Competition for a limited pool of qualified talent - the primary source of competitive advantage for any organization - is a growing concern. Especially the need for talented leaders. Studies have shown that having the right talent in place will become even more critical over the next five years and beyond as "baby boomers" start to retire. In the ensuing talent war, the importance of retaining the best and ensuring their success will continue to increase.

Applied Research Corporation's executive coaches help companies avoid costly turnover, and develop their most talented people, and ensure that managers perform at maximum potential. Using Applied Research's executive coaching programs, organizations can expect to see a positive change in a person's behavior over a period of several months. Our two executive coaching programs are:

Coaching for High Potentials

Usually lasting six to twelve months in duration, we help high potential employees move into new management roles with increased responsibilities. We aim to close competency gaps, capitalize on existing strengths, and avoid costly errors. Our coaches work hard to make sure all expectations for the new role are clear and well defined. We do this by:
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of job expectations and the required capabilities. To do this, we use your company's success factors and management input.
  • Using a variety of tools and processes to close competency gaps. Often this is an outgrowth of our assessment work with the client.
  • Involving the manager of the individual (and other key stakeholders) so that the high potential has the right support. This also ensures proper feedback and guidance as the person practices new skills.
  • Giving high potential employees "stretch assignments" in order to learn; emphasis is placed on practical experience. We push their boundaries and challenge them.
  • Including metrics in our coaching plans to evaluate performance improvement.
  • Acting as a sounding board and provide focus, feedback and guidance.

In a situation requiring remedial intervention, we first complete a full diagnosis of the situation. This can include: discussion with the manager, use of our individual assessment processes, and 360-degree feedback. Then, we help the person see the need for change through the identification of undesirable behaviors and demonstrate the consequences of these behaviors on them and their organization. We work with them on practical solutions to the problems and provide direct and objective feedback, either in person or over the telephone.

Remedial activities are aligned with the feedback the individual has received from management and with our assessment results. Coach activities are tailored to assure performance improvement. These may include assigned readings for discussions, role-plays, and attending meetings to provide the manager feedback. We hold them accountable and make sure that action is taken to bring about change. Again, having involved their manager from the onset, we constantly check progress with them and their manager to ensure the desirable results are being achieved.

Applied Research's philosophy is to be direct and, at the same time, support and maintain the self-esteem of the individual.

What Sets Applied Research Corporation Apart?

With a global footprint, Applied Research Corporation can manage cross-cultural coaching assignments. Our emphasis includes measuring quantitative as well as the qualitative results. Applied Research's experienced coaches have managed almost every possible scenario, enabling us to be productive for our clients from day one.

Applied Research's strong and extensive assessment track record dovetails with our coaching programs. This includes individual and assessment centers and the use of 360-degree data that allows us to add richness to the coaching experience.

Our experienced coaches have their own proven track records. As a result, we help resolve practical issues faced in the workplace.

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